• age - 16, (although closer to 17) born 16.06.2003

    Hello, you can call me Kinf, and I'm from Poland! I found this place from the "Exploring Creation 0.2" video on youtube, that video is the reason I came here although I have seen this mod somewhere before.

    Last time I played modded minecraft was either with some buddies of mine, or on a ""official"" server for Terrafirmacraft Reloaded (the first one, i didn't play on the 1.12.2 too much) a year ago. My hobbies are video games and listening to music, which sound pretty boring but I hope to start learning programming at some point. Although It's been a dream of mine I'm pretty lazy at getting around to it. I also watch a bit of anime.

    I run a small discord server for my irl and online friends, I sometimes start a minecraft server to play with them, although it rarely lasts long. That server is primarly Polish..

    I don't remember how exactly I got into minecraft but it was from videos of it on youtube, the first version I remember playing was some alpha at my friend's house, but the first version I actually remember playing at my home is 1.7.3 beta.

    My favorite games are Hollow Knight, Witcher 3 and Terraria. Terraria is also my most played game, while it's become hard for me to play it on vanilla, I really enjoy playing mods, especially Calamity, since it's like, the most polished mod.

    I don't know what my favorite mc mod is, but I definitely like terrafirmacraft and immersive engineering. Better With Mods is pretty cool too!

    I really took a liking to Create and want to play with it a bit, but I don't think I'll be able to get friends to play it with me, so I'd really like playing with some people, I guess that's why i'm here.

    either way thanks for reading! 🙂

  • Staff

    Hey KinfThaDerp!

    Thank you for your lengthy application, always appriciated to have something substantial to read 😄

    I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist, hope you enjoy your time on the server 🙂

    Feel free to pop into our discord if you ever have any questions or simply fancy a chat.

    See you around!

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