• age- 18 (born 3/27/2002)
    Hi, I'm DrBillyBob and I am from the United States. I first found Create when Youtube recommended me the video about the cake factory. I found Stonebound in the process of setting up my own Kreation server.

    On Roblox, I said I was 13 when I was actually 12 in order to gain access to free chat. I am not banned from any MC servers as far as I know.

    Create intrigues me because I enjoy games like Besiege and Machinecraft where you can build moving contraptions. Although I have placed Minecraft for nearly a decade at this point, this would be the first time I seriously play a large modpack in survival mode.

    I want access to the server because I want to see other peoples' builds and devices. I likely won't play very often because I run my own Kreation server and would rather play on that, but I will definitely log on every once in a while to observe contraptions and discuss the modpack.

  • Staff

    hey TheDruid71!

    Thank you for your application, I've added you to our whitelist.

    Hope you enjoy playing with the create mod, you're always more than welcome to come and gain inspiration from builds on our server, or to play other modpacks 😄

    See you around,

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