• Age: 23
    Country: USA
    How you found us: The link on the Kreation modpack page
    History: Never been a part of these servers
    Discord name: Doug Dimmadome#8102

    I've usually been into heavily tech and magic packs, but I want to give Kreation a shot. Automation is a must, but I recently got into building better looking structures than a hole in the ground or a wooden box to live in. My favorite mods would have to be Thaumcraft or Ars Magica 2 when that was a thing. I started playing Minecraft during beta (Beta 1.5?) and stuck around a server for a while there. It was a fun couple of years, but it eventually died as servers tend to do when they couldn't keep up with the rapid updates Minecraft had back then. I like to play all kinds of games until I get bored switch to new ones (my Steam library is too large). Otherwise, I don't really do much, especially since I just moved and don't have any friends in a 200 mile radius. Other things I am interested in are space and science and anime, I guess.

  • Helper

    Thank you for your interest in our community! I went ahead and added you to the whitelist. Did you know that one of our staff members, simibubi, is the author of Create? Welcome to Stonebound!!

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