• Hi, my name is Samuel, im 18 and i would like to apply to join the stonebound servers. i would like to play the kreation modpack. i found this site in the create mod discord


    more information:
    im from Ecuador and i speak English well, in game i like to do redstone contraptions farms and that kind of stuff when im not doing redstone i play pvp .i have not being in a moded server since 2017 with a 1.7.10 modpack and i wanted to do mod stuff again since i see create was a thing i have played with the mod and i want to play with it in multiplayer im studing electronic engineering in real life hope this wasnt too much for a description xd 😛

  • Helper

    Thank you for your interest in our community! I went ahead and added you to the whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound!!

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