• Hello!

    I'm from Brazil, age 23. I'd been recently getting back into minecraft, since quarantine has allowed me to take on a few hobbies again, and looking for somewhere nice to play on. Yesterday I discovered Create, looked at the author's other projects, found Kreation and then Stonebound by extension - So here I am ^ ^

    I have no history of lying about my age, and no history of being banned - the worst I've done on a server was non-destructively pranking friends.

    After playing a single player world for the last two weeks on a custom vanilla+ pack, It's starting to feel a bit lonely (even with all the villagers around)
    I'm full-time student and researcher, so that usually takes most of my time, but when I do play MC, my thing has usually been technical builds, automation and all that. I've always like the more emergent gameplay side of things (Redpower is still prooobably my favourite mod since I started playing on 1.4.7). However, lately I've been focusing more on building pretty things for a change. That said, why not do both? Which is exactly the reason I got so excited when I found Create yesterday.

    I'm a fairly laid back person, and though I sometimes take a little while to be more social, I'm fairly social when I do.

    The last version I had heavily played on was 1.7.10, so I'm very excited to get right into learning the new mods and be part of a nice community!

  • Helper

    Hello there!

    Quarantine is giving everyone more free time, heck I'm even responding to applications in a timely manner now 🙂

    I have gone ahead and added you onto our whitelist. Maybe I'll see you around sometimes!

  • Thank you ^ ^
    That was indeed way faster than I expected. I've joined in already and played for a bit today. Hopefully we'll see each other around!

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