• Hiya! :hand_splayed:

    Age is 19; located in California, USA- Found through the "Modding With Simi" and "Stonebound" discord, and my own research.
    No history of Bans, as far as I'm aware of.

    I will admit, I submitted another application via google forms when I saw in Simi's Discord that there was an announcement about joining Kreate through application there; you may want to link that form to this website to avoid double submissions in the future? Maybe❓

    Anyways, as I stated in that form I ran into this server after browsing for a bit for a server that featured "Create" at it's core- to my happy surprise I found an official server for the mod, which ran a modpack that featured several other additions I liked! Quark and Botania are just a few I've been involved with. After browsing anything I could find about Create for a few days I settled on an application here. woo!
    I am very into building and architecture you see, and I have ever since I started playing Minecraft way back when they first introduced Mineshafts, how nostalgic. Either way, my structures are getting bigger, larger, and more out of control-typically I would showcase them on different servers, and I have a large presence on a small Thaumcraft/ImmersiveEngineering Server where I am currently working on large cities. (Speaking of, Thaumcraft is my favorite mod to boot.) Magic and Machines are what I live by, and it looks like I can get plenty more of it here!
    I plan to start my newest project on this server, and I've already begin building in creative a tentative outline of what I want. Some sort of massive palace, perhaps? The downside is that I initially started this in 1.15.2 before I knew of Create, so I may need to revise...
    Hobbies include papercrafts, painting with acrylic and pastel, and waiting for Hytale to release. As of day 472 it is not out yet, and thus I cry. 😢

    How's that for meeting minimum requirements, eh? I look forward to being accepted on the server, Can't wait! ~🌟

  • P.S.- yes, I did read the rules. tickrate in ImmersiveEngineering is already a catastrophe sometimes, no worries on that front

  • Helper

    Hi Slickysand,

    I have had a look at your application here, and I have gone ahead and added you onto our whitelist!
    That gives you access to all of our servers, now and in the future 🙂

  • @Prusias Perfect, Thanks so much!

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