• Hello there!
    I am Redwan, am 16 years old, i live in the Middle East, specifically in the U.A.E.
    I have found about this server while i was reading the info tab in the "modding with simi" discord server, it has been a really long while since i have played in a modded server, so i thought that it would be a very great experience to return to them.

    i have actually got into minecraft 7 years ago, starting out with 0.7.0 pocket edition, and have gotten into the pc version 4 years ago.

    i LOVE tech-based mods, like immersive engineering or gregtech, so i cant really choose one of these mods to be my favourite, in general, i will prefer mods which are tech-based, so modpacks like gregblock or age of engineering are actually my favourite modpacks.

    in terms of games, my taste isnt changed that much, i have loaded a LOT of hours into games like simcity or factorio - especially factorio - but i like to play other games like bioshock, the half-life series, and terraria, in general, i prefer factory-based games, and weirdly enough, i love story-rich games, like to the moon and oxenfree.

    i dont really have a lot of hobbies, but besides gaming, i am trying to become a programmer, a web developer if i wanna be specific. i just love how could i create beautiful websites and create complex programs using js, even though am trying to learn other languages.

    I am really excited to see what does this modpack has, and i am pretty sure i will load a good amount of time into it, so hopefully i could see ya inside the server!

  • P.S. as far as i could remember, i dont have any ban records in any server, in minecraft or in any other game, mostly because i try my best to be friendly with people i play with, and i dont really remember me lying about my age for any reason.

  • Helper

    Hello Redwan,

    I have added you onto our whitelist 🙂 That not only let's you join Kreation but all of our other servers now and in the future!
    As such, I hope to see you around sometimes!

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