• I would love to play on the Kreation server. I have recently discovered the Create mod through a Reddit post and joined the Discord server. That's where I discovered this server. As soon as I started playing around with Create I loved every part of it. I'm only 16, which I know is technically not old enough, but I have never been banned from a server (except for one time, but that was because the moderator used the wrong command to find the guilty person and banned me instead). I always read the rules of the servers I join prior to joining and never break them. I have been playing minecraft since 2012 and mainly have experience with redstone and minigames, mainly Hypixel, but I have also played a lot of technical modpacks like Tekkit or Dragon Industries. I live in the Netherlands. In my spare time I like to spend my time playing Chess, watching YouTube and Netflix, playing board games with my dad and, ofcourse, playing MineCraft. Those are the things that stuck around at least. I often try out new things, although it is mostly restricted to my computer. I like helping out others and quite often help my classmates with their maths and physics questions. On the server, I will probably also try helping people with any struggles they have making contraptions or questions they have about Create, just like I have been doing on the Discord server.

    See you on the server! (hopefully)

  • Helper

    Hello Pieter,

    I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist! 16 is indeed a bit young for our server but your application demonstrates a level of maturity at which I'd have no reason to decline 🙂

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