• Hey everyone!

    I'll get the big things out of the way first:

    Age: 21
    Country: USA
    How I found you guys: Looking for a server to play Create on with new people.

    Alright, so I'm here because I'm looking to get back into modded Minecraft again, and as much as I love playing this game, lo-fi jazz doesn't really offer much companionship. 😛

    I have to fill in some space here so I can be at five sentences so uh...

    I've been playing modded since 1.3 but I didn't know what I was doing until 1.6.4 when I discovered the magic of Direwolf20's youtube channel. I joined up on an Infinity Evolved Expert server and played there for a really long time, but unfortunately all good things come to an end. Now that im a few versions behind, its time to play catch up and relearn the ropes since most of my favorite mods from that era have passed on. (rest in piece, Witchery.)

    I'm psyched to get into some overcomplicated (or at least more complicated than my infinity evolved) machines with Create and Botania and I hope you all see my application soon!

  • Oh! By the way, I wanted to say that Upgrade Aquatic would be an awesome mod to have on the Kreation pack! Obviously that comes down to a million factors and I totally understand if its something that can't be done due to server stuff, but just in case you hadn't heard of it, its worth a look!

  • Helper

    Hey SappySamora!

    I really like the application you send in, as such I have gone ahead and added you onto our whitelist!
    This gives you access to all of Stonebound's servers now and in the future 🙂

    Also as for your suggestion. I'd suggest putting it in #suggestions on our Discord. It'll gather more attention there. (I feel like the bitconnect guy but for suggestions now)

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