• HI! I'm 19yrs old dude from Bulgaria looking forward to play in the Kreation server. I've been banned twice for 3days because of grief but that was back in the days when i was 12-13. Right now I really like playing in friendly servers and helping others. I consider myself somewhat good at building, after all building was the thing that got me into the game. Started playing engineer's life modpack recently and I really enjoy it so I would count it as my favourite.
    The way I found you is after I posted on redddit that I'm looking for a server that has Creation as mod in it's list and a guy that saw my post sent me to you.
    Quick fact, build battle is my favourite minigame 😃 .



  • Helper

    Thank you for applying to our community!! Did you know that Create was made by one of our staff members, simibubi. I went ahead and added you to the whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound!!

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