• I am age 16, from the United States,Ii found this via creation mod, and as far as I can remember I do not have a history of lying of age or bans, although i have played for somewhere around 8 years. I enjoy tinkering with electronics and mechanical items, especially old audio equipment and recently, cars. My favorite mods are redpower 2, computercraft and this old mod called powermine or something along those lines, sadly i think the newest version it was on was 1.2.5, and its been a very long time. Creation heavily reminded me of this mod, so I wanted to play on a server with others, and that's lead me here. I like to build computers and program, although im not very good at programming. I like old video game systems such as the n64, and have started collecting them, as well as obscure games, such as Super 3d Noah's ark for the snes, a very strange bootleg game. I also draw, despite being rather bad at it. I hope to join this sever, and have fun with everyone, exploring the servers you have here.

  • Helper

    Hi Astoria,

    We are having a lot of new people applying to join Stonebound because of Create. It's nice to hear you enjoy it as well. Did you know it was made by our own staff member Simibubi?

    Either way, I have added you onto our whitelist and as such I'd like to welcome you to Stonebound 🙂

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