• I am currently 20 years old, I live in the UAE, I heard about you from a friend who was googling for a server, no history of bans or lieing of age.
    Started gaming when I was a lot younger, RS07 young so I was like 9-10 when I first started. Didn't think i'd get into minecraft ever, I was very adamant that it seemed stupid because it was all blocks, little did I know at the age of 14 it opened a whole world enjoyment for me. Started playing modded only a couple of years back thanks to @murtaza64 who finally convinced me to play ATM3 with him, which was really fun, I spent like hours upon hours exploring all these new fantastical ways to move items and make power. I still enjoy making systems which automate stuff, it's just satisfying seeing something you built running completely by itself with no need to interfere and at the end of the day you just collect yourself a big ol pile of whatever it was. Anyway thanks for reading my app.

  • Staff

    Hey zangoozer!

    Thank you for your application, I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist.

    Enjoy playing with your friends 🙂

    See you around,

  • Thanks mate, will be on in due time!

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