• Hi! My name is Murtaza, I live in the UAE right now and go to college in the US. I am 20. I found your community while looking for Antimatter Chemistry servers. Me and my friends just finished up Continuum and wanted to try something fresh. I love computers, and am currently studying CS at uni. My hobbies consist mostly of gaming and TV/movies (haha interesting I know). I'm a big Nintendo fanboy; I was raised on the Mario and Luigi RPGs, and some of my recent favorites include Zelda BotW and Odyssey. In terms of Modded MC, I first got into it in the 1.6 days and spent a ton of time on Gregtech in 1.7. I love any and all tech mods, because I love automating and building huge factories and stuff. My favorite mod is probably AE2 just because of how awesome the concept is. I am excited to join a small community because I love the friend-making aspect of multiplayer gaming most--one of my close friends is one I met through LoL.

    Thanks for considering my application!

  • Staff

    Hey murtaza64!

    Thank you for your application.

    I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist.

    See you around,

  • Thanks a lot!

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