• Hey!
    I'm Krronos, I found this server through the Create discord. I'm 16, and I have been playing almost exclusively Minecraft for the past 7 years. I like programming, and mechanical engineering, and I hope to get a PhD in computer sciences and at least a masters in mechanical engineering when I go to college in a few years. Some of my other hobbies include Harry Potter, GTA V, and lying in bed staring into the black depths of the void waiting for Hytale to be released. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and unfortunately diabetes runs in my family so there's that RIP. I once won 1st place in a Lego competition. I have autism and OCD. I've only been banned once, on a now dead server called Lucky Prison. I was like 10-11 or something and being the young idiot decided to blindly trust someone who had befriended me. As soon as I /trusted him to my plot he went in and raided and griefed my plot. I reported him to the staff who did nothing, according to them, "Griefing is your own fault for trusting him". I ended up getting banned for disrespecting the staff while the griefer got away scot free with everything I had. I would like to be apart of this community so I can make some friends that I can hang with. I don't have that many online friends (much less real friends), and those I do have don't play the stuff I do. Since I first saw the Create trailer I was in love, it made me as hyped as Hytale does, and its already out. The kreation server also has quark, which is a favorite of mine.

    Anyways, I think thats enough.

  • Helper

    Hello Krronos!

    With your interests I think you'll fit right in with most of the community, so I have gone ahead and added you to our whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound and I'll see you around sometimes!

  • Thank you!

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