• Age: 20
    Country: UK
    How I found you: Was looking for a Create server
    History of bans: Just one, a friend got banned for pointing out a flaw in a server's spawn protection, I got banned for defending him. (a long time ago, I don't remember the exact details)
    Extra stuff:
    I spend far too much time rotating between three games, Minecraft, Destiny, and Warframe, even more so now with my Easter break + lockdown.
    Favourite mod, if I had to pick one... Tinker's Construct, though with all the addons like Tinker's Armoury, PlusTic, etc, because then there's no one material to rule them all.
    IRL, 2nd year CompSci student,big fan of DnD, though the campaign I was playing in died over Christmas (a shame, a dragon had just declared a heritage war on my PC).
    I run the website and Discord for a student-run entertainment magazine (can't link it, would doxx me).
    I have a tendency to write/talk in long sentences, as may have be evident from the above if I hadn't split the IRL one in two.

  • Helper

    Hello AceologyGaming,

    Did you know Create was made by one of own staff members Simibubi? Either way, I have gone ahead and added you onto our whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound 🙂

  • I did know that! Via their "Modding with Simi" discord is how I found Kreation and by extension Stonebound

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