• I am 17, and I live in the U.S.
    I do not recall ever being banned from a server, unless it was a small server in the case of admin abuse or mistaken autoban. I've been OP status in a few, but none that are worth really mentioning.

    I believe I had seen the schematic and build-wand aspects of Create before, and it may be the case that I had seen it before in some form before the mod was further developed. However, I was told about the mod recently and could not recognize it initially, for it has taken a very bold direction. I've tried it for myself and I find it very approachable both as a tech mod and quality of life. I'd say it reminds me quite a bit of the aspects of the now outdated Better Than Wolves and Ugocraft mods, but much more smoothly implemented and aesthetic. My favorite mod (as far as large overhauls are concerned) used to be Thaumcraft, but I believe this mod may be taking that place now. I've always been fascinated by mechanical design, and the aesthetics and functionality of this mod are exciting in how well they complement vanilla and lend themselves to creative design, where most other tech mods feel too rigid or misplaced. Thus, I've decided to see what this server could bring. I saw the Kreation modpack listed on the publishing profile on curseforge, and was excited to see that it was already given an official server. I want to see what others have done with the mod and become involved in the community in some way, so I've applied for the server.

    Thank you for reading my application.

  • Helper

    Hi there, thanks for your application.
    I've gone right ahead and added you to the whitelist, have fun playing on Stonebound!

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