• I am 27, and live in the USA. My girlfriend plays on this server, and I have never been banned from a server. I have played Minecraft since Alpha, and really enjoy playing to build large builds. I really love the computers mod and wish it had been updated after 1.7. I am interested in seeing what this server is about, and getting ideas from other players builds. Thank you for your consideration.\

  • I am his girlfriend who currently plays on the server (AlliSkellington) as well as one of our co-workers and closest friends Aim_Wizard. Erin (Darkgrimlin3) usually makes crazy contraptions that can make even a top builder blush. Not only do we want him to play with us, I think he can offer something to those wanting to learn more about the more technological builds.

  • Staff

    Hey Darkgrimlin!

    Welcome to the server !
    I've gone ahead and whitelisted you, apologies about the delay.
    Any questions feel free to pop in to our discord 🙂

    Many thanks,

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