• Username: Skylord_Sulfius
    Age: 20
    Country: Croatia
    How you found us: Via DJ_fast_assasin, he's a friend of mine and recommended me this
    History of bans: I have never been banned before on any server, nor did I do anything shady. I rarely play on those big servers to begin with, mainly focusing on singleplayer worlds for building.

    Hello! I'm Sulfius. I've begun playing Minecraft roughly around Beta 1.7.3. Over the years I've been mainly interested in the building aspect of the game and as such I prefer mods which add building blocks, decorations or furniture. However, I do have some basic understanding of Thaumcraft and Immersive Engineering, mods which I enjoy and want to get into more. Aside from mods which I've mentioned, I'm all about immersive mods such as dynamic surroundings or mods which add snowfall. As mentioned before, my main focus would probably end up being building projects, usually in the rustic/medieval style but I sometimes play around with building styles.

    My hobbies are video games, occasionally writing and collecting keychains. My favourite games are Shooters, MMORPGs, Looter-Shooters and Metroidvanias. I am currently in my second year of studies (History and English), so my activity may vary depending on my midterms/assignments/finals.
    If I get accepted I hope we'll have some fun times.

  • Helper

    Hello Sulphius, I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist!
    It's nice to see some more builders, one of our staff I believe does more medieval builds himself if im not mistaken (I could be). although we have quite a few other builders around they all have different styles so I hope you have fun (I sure want to see your builds, I love seeing some of these builds people make)
    Welcome to the server, Hope to see you around.

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