• Age: 21

    Good evening! I once applied to this forum with an application 10 decafeebs ago. It was promptly declined upon submission, to my dismay, I retreated tail between my legs. It's probably been..what, 2-5 years since I last applied? Anyways I'm going to try again this year, as I'm feeling pretty lucky. My last submission was pretty crappy nevertheless so let's get into it!

    I'm currently banned from my favorite server, the "HIVE". Amazing server, I was banned randomly for my username, which I do agree is slightly inappropriate. As for minecraft itself. I got into it watching my brother play. Playing it for the first time was extremely overwhelming, invigorating, and scary as heck! Mods definitely enhanced my experience quite a bit, but the first mod I really enjoyed using for the first time was "Diamond shotgun." It's hella broken. One-shot kill anything in sight, with only one weapon to use, the mighty diamond shotgun >:D KABOOM!.

    One of my favorite things to do IRL is working out during my spare time (https://www.instagram.com/xsellment/). As exhausting as it is, it's very rewarding both physically, and mentally. I won't get into that much, but you may view my instagram for both age verification, and preferred hobbies. As for anything I'm genuinely excited about at the moment, I want to take advantage of the opportunity to brag about how amped I am for the release of DOOM ETERNAL HNNNG. Anyways, I hope my submission was lengthful. Hopefully i'll see you soon in-game!

  • Staff

    Hey EnderMachosist!

    Thank you for your new application.

    Apologies about the extended delay in processing your application, however you are now added to our whitelist.

    Feel free to pop into discord if you have any questions 🙂


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