• Hi, i am 19 years old, I live in Latvia and would really like to join your community. I found out about this community through Rauls12345, he is one of my old friends who I met in school. Personally I got in Minecraft java edition through one of my other friends, I would always ask him if I could play it on his PC when i was over. After some time I wanted to be able to play it whenever I wanted, so I bought it myself. For me vanilla has become a bit boring even with the new updates, that's why I mainly play modpacks. About being banned on minecraft, i think i was banned on hypixel once because I used autoclicker, can't be sure because that was a long time ago. My favorite mods are tinker's construct, vein miner and Not Enough Items. In the last few months I have been playing Apex Legends, but I want to get back into minecraft and thought this would be a really good place to do so. In real life I fancy maths and chemistry, I also like fishing and do some minor weight lifting at home in the free time. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

  • Staff

    Hello Pandakrool,

    Sorry for the delay in processing your application, but I am happy to say that as of this message, you have been added to our whitelist. Feel free to stop by our discord if you haven't already and I hope to see you in game!


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