• Hi, I am 19 y.o. student from Russia.

    I've been playing minecraft with friends since version 1.1, and then all my friends grew up, but not me, I still like This game, especially with a lot of science-like mods. Guess I don't have any favorite mods, because I can play different modpacks. In the game, I like to do some automation, explore new technical and magic Mods, and other stuff.
    IRL I do like to study math, physics, math physics, and a bit of programming (I also like to go Hiking and play guitar, If you're interested).
    How did I find your forum? Well, I just watched some Russian youtuber play this modpack, I liked this, and I thought that will be great to play this modpack on the server with another players. And I started to search any servers with this modpack, thats how I get here. (Also I want to practice my english, and maybe find some new friends)).
    Well, I thinks, thats enough, thanks for attention, dear reader.

    Look forward to your response.

  • Staff

    Hello CAMOBAP,

    I apologise for the delay with your application, but I have now added you to our whitelist. Feel free to stop by our discord if you have any questions, and I hope you enjoy your time with us!


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