• I'm 16 years old and I'm from Norway. I would love to join this server because i am a big fan of modded minecraft and i love to play on this server that has a such good community. I found it because I was searching for a Antimatter Chemistry server and this server was the best out of all of them. I am a player that helps others where he can and I won't scream at all because i have control of myself. I am really into games and play all sorts of them. My favorite mode is..well all of them are my favorites because if you are using them you can experience something new and i don't think that bad modes exists. My favorite think to do in real life is to play in the esport team with my friends or maybe go to have fun with my friends . I love my team and we're doing great.. I never got banned on minecraft on premium server or modded servers!

    This is my application from GamerAndreas !
    Thanks in advance!

  • Helper

    Sorry for the very late response. I just added you to the whitelist. Have fun and enjoy!!

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