• My age is 19 . im not lying and this is my actual age . i lie in other websites about my age for security reasons . i live in iraq . i found about stonebound when i was looking in the community section of servers in ftb academy . i hate to play alone because it feels boring . i want to join the community so i can play with ppl and since im new to modded minecraft i want to join other ppl so they can teach me everything .

  • Helper

    Hello HumanLastName,

    Due to your unique situation I am afraid we are not able to verify your age, we have also found that some of your online accounts have been compromised.
    I would suggest you change all your account passwords and check if no one has abused any of them. And unfortunately I will be declining your application with us.

    I wish you the best of luck with finding a server suitable for you.

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