• To apply, make a new topic in this subforum, titled with your Minecraft username ONLY. Include your age, your current country, how you found us, and any history of bans or lying about your age. We prefer longer applications, so feel free to add on any information about yourself as a player or a person. Examples of this are: how you got into Minecraft, your favorite mod, favorite things to do in game or in real life, and other hobbies/interests. Please include a minimum of five sentences.

    33, United States, found you through the FTB Academy Launcher via the Creeperhost multiplayer link.

    I have played Cubic Worlds Vanilla SMP for over 7 years. The owner is Zolyx. I am a former staff member as well as a tenured Elder when playing the server. Played Minecraft since Beta 1.8, mostly vanilla. I love the quality of life Optifine Mod, but recently got into Feed the Beast modded play because I wanted more tech trees and more things to find and discover. That, unfortunately, leaves me without the Optifine Mod but it's a small price to pay for a huge expansion of gameplay experience.

    Thanks for your consideration of my application, and I look forward to playing FTB content on your server!

  • Helper

    Hello Qwizzy,

    Let me apologize for the delay, we strive to get back to everyone within 24h.
    I do come bringing good news luckily! I think you'll be a good fit in our community and as such I have gone ahead and added you to our whitelist!

    I think you'll notice it is not very busy on our servers at this time. This is in my experience due to the lack of new interesting modpacks. Do not worry though, we are always looking for new packs and will let everyone know via email, the website and discord when a new server is coming!

    I hope to see you around sometimes 🙂

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