• I am an 18 year old girl from the USA, who is willing to help anyone. I found you from my friend who thought your mod services could help me. I have no history of lying and on history of being banned. If you need something organized like farms, chest and houses/bases I will be wiling to help. I am a fast leaner. I am teaching myself red stone. I got into Minecraft because my dad was obsessed and I wanted to make sure he had someone to play with. I love Star Wars and horror movies. I enjoy camping and being outside, along with reading. My favorite mods are the furniture mods and the mods like the come alive mod. If I had to be a color I would be purple. I play the Violin and a bit of piano.

  • Helper

    Thank you for your interest in Stonebound. Welcome to our community!! I just added you to the whitelist so you should be able to login now. Enjoy and have fun!!

  • @TheCosmicOtter Thank you.

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