• I'm almost 17 years old and I'm from The Netherlands. I would love to join this server. I found it because I was searching for a Antimatter Chemistry server and this server was the best out of all of them. I am a player that helps others where he can and I won't scream (not out loud at least). I am really into games and play all sorts of them. My favorite mod is tinkers construct because it gives you the options to make your own customized weapons. My favorite think to do in real life is to play soccer. I love my team and we're doing great. I have been banned once on Hypixel for a week, because I wanted to try out some cheat. After that ban, I've never done it anymore.

    Thank you for reading this,

  • Helper

    I apologise for the late response. Thank you for your application and welcome to Stonebound!! I went ahead and added you to the whitelist, so you should be able to login right now. Have fun, and Happy New Year!!

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