• Age: 18
    Country: US
    Found you: googled “antimatter chemistry server”
    I have never been banned, and the only time I really remember lying about my age is when purchasing games on steam that had age ratings
    I got into Minecraft around middle school, as a way to escape from the stress of my parents’ divorce and middle school drama. I think my favorite mod right now is Alchemistry, because it relates so closely to my major. It actually kind of helps me study, which is cool. I don’t get a chance to play often because I’m taking so many credit hours, but I’m getting a chance over wintermester, which is cool. I’m trying really hard to get into medical school, so I might not be around as often as I’d like. When not studying or in class, I babysit/nanny and work part time. So, my free time is few and far between.

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    Using Minecraft as an escape from your problems is something I am all to familiar with, middle school was not my best period. It does get better though! And I personally still really enjoy Minecraft, in healthy moderation :). Either way, I'd like to welcome you to Stonebound!

    I hope we don't distract you to much from your courses, as tempting as it may be. School's important! And I'd love to see you online sometime.

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