• Hi, I'm 17 years old, I live in Canada, my main language is French, even if my English is not perfect, I think that I know the basic stuff for good communication. I found your website while I was searching for modded minecraft servers. I never got banned from any Server/Discord/Game/Website etc. I play minecraft from the beginning on Xbox, then I started playing on PC to get more content (It gets pretty boring in vanilla). I'm someone who love exploration, that mean I like to play any mods if there's something to explore. I like playing survival game (My most played game in life is Ark: Survival Evolved) so naturally, I started playing Minecraft from the very beginning. Thank for taking the time to read everything, and hopefully it wasn't too boring for you. ^^

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    Hello Il_HeVn_lI I've went ahead and added you to the whitelist. also I enjoyed ark for quite a while myself but for me they added too many maps and no-one I know plays it anymore, whats your thoughts on the amount of content (excluding the modding scene)?

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