• Age: 23
    Country: USA
    Timezone: EST
    I found out about MC through my girlfriend, she's also currently whitelisted (ImmortalRee) my interests are playing with my dogs (Freya and Boomer), talking or spoiling Marie and listening to music on YouTube. I also enjoy playing games on console such as Dishonored and Borderlands. I hope you guys accept and allow me to play with ImmortalRee she's been trying to get me to apply for a while now. I almost forgot to mention that my record of MC is clean

  • Good afternoon,

    Is qtrnmreaver your minecraft name? It doesn't show that name as currently registered with mojang.

  • hi! his username is qtrnmrevan

  • Greetings and welcome to the Stonebound community. I have added you to the whitelist for immediate access to our servers.

    Let me know if you have any issues getting in.

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