• Age: 26
    Country: Midwest USA
    Found your server while searching for Animatter Chemistry public servers.
    I dont remember the last time I have been banned from a minecraft server, not interested in causing issues. I play by the rules and uphold server etiquette.
    I got into modded minecraft by my interests in creative sandbox games, and desire to see the rich content other players/devs add to existing games.
    My favorite thing to do in games is be creative, imaginative, and scifi theme oriented.
    My favorite activity to do in real life is to repair/modify various electronics as a hobby. I will appreciate the time I spend in your server if you permit me.

  • Greetings and welcome to the Stonebound community. I have added you to the whitelist for immediate access to our servers.

    If you ever want to talk shop about electronics work, feel free to hmu, I do a lot of arduino/pi/CHIP/ etc work.

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