• Hello, I'm 16 and live in Canada (have lived here all my life, I love it here! :D). I believe I found Stonebound yesterday while looking for an Antimatter Chemistry server (though I may be wrong, my memory isn't the best..) and have found it again today looking for a server for another modpack so I finally decided to make an application! I don't recall being banned before. I got into Minecraft a while back on vacation in Florida after watching my brother play on my dad's phone in the car! He let me try and bam, here I am :). My favourite mod used to be biomes o' plenty but I've been playing a lot of modded minecraft recently and just can't decide! It's probably storage drawers now. I'm not a huge fan of tech and magic. I like to just settle down and look at the environment around me. I get pretty bored of things easily so I find myself coming back to minecraft quite often. I normally just find new modpacks to play in game and in real life I enjoy playing guitar and piano. I also have a huge ravine in my backyard that I go in when I'm stressed (I found a coyote there before omg!!) I hope I get accepted! 😄

  • Greetings and welcome to the Stonebound community. I have added you to the whitelist for immediate access to our servers.

    I want to warn you in advance, we were on the verge of shutting down Antimatter Chemistry but then it suddenly got an influx of new players. However, if those players drop off we may still close the server. Never fear if we do though, because we will replace it with a different fresh new pack. Your whitelist is good for any of our servers.

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