• Howdy. My name is Mason. I am currently 21 years of age. I have been playing Minecraft for about 7 or so years now.
    I am from The US and I found you from the server list menu inside the launcher for the FTB Academy modpack.
    As far as I am aware I have not been banned on any servers. As to a little about myself, I have been playing video games
    since I was old enough to understand what they were. I usually tend to play console games but love PC gaming as well
    and wish i had a better computer to get more into that realm. Playing Minecraft has always been a means of escape and
    relaxation for me. However, playing for so long I have become bored with your basic, run of the mill, vanilla. Because of this,
    I have become enthralled in the world of multiplayer servers and modpacks. In terms of favorite mods, I'd have to say mods like Refined Storage and Applied Energistics. I love the idea of making a whole computer network to not only store your items, but also
    to help automate just about everything. Anyways, I've never been great at writing so I guess this is where I end my application.

    Hope yall think I'm a good fit!


  • Staff

    Hello collins957,

    I've checked over your application and I am happy to say that as of this message, you have been added to our whitelist. If you need any help, feel free to stop by our discord. I hope you enjoy your time at Stonebound!


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