• hi my username is Devius_Isation i am 29 years old i'm from indonesia i found you from the actual modpack antimatter chemistry i saw that there is an option to get a server so i searched to see if there was any servers for antimatter chem and i found this place i currently don't have any history of bans or lying about my age.

    I got into minecraft from a recommendation in the app store and my brother and i found out 5 years ago that there was a pc version.

    My favorite mod is either vampirism orespawn or alchemistry i don't know how to compare these as they are almost never in the same version with each other but i don't care.

    I have a few hobbies but the ones that i like the most is probably gaming it lets me get into this fantasy of world where anything is possible.

    A weird thing about me is that i relate much to other people and that ends up putting me in positions i'm not proud of and sometimes even regret.

  • @Devius_Isation said in Devius_Isation:


    Good afternoon Devius_Isation,

    After reviewing your application we have decided to whitelist you. I know you had come here to play Antimatter Chemistry, as a heads up that is one of our older servers and doesn't get much traffic anymore. If it persists in low traffic it may end up being closed for a newer pack. Regardless, your whitelist is good for all of our servers.

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