• Hey, just saying hi and handing in my application. I was scrolling through a new modpack to play, saw FTB Acadamy and thought learning some new mods with a couple of friends would be fun. Decided to look through the server list instead of making a private server because having a community to also interact with is a much better experience as a whole for everyone! That's when I saw that more privatized servers were available, and I realized that worrying about someone generally just being a jerk wouldn't be as common, only problem was that there was only one community, you.

    My name is... Oh wait, can't disclose that can I. Well you can call me Mad! Cause we live in a mad world today! I know you guys only like people who are 18+ as people older than that are more mature, but I am 16 and dancing across the application limit. Although, I'm not like every other kid you meet, I actually put in effort and go out of my way to be kind, mature and, the change I want to see in a community, I try to be better cause I am tired of seeing others being terrible.

    So with the ending of my little story, can I join your growing community?

    PS: I don't remember ever being banned, or anything like that. The worst I've done is probably just annoy a Mod once or twice but usually we end up looking back and laughing at our own stupidity. If you have any other questions just reply and I'll fill you in.

  • Good afternoon MadDog443,

    On reviewing your application, we have decided to whitelist you for the server. Please remember to be respectful of other players and enjoy your time on Academy. We currently have a halloween contest going on Academy, though there isn't much time left. Good luck, have fun.

  • Sure thing, thanks.

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