• Hello, I am currently 23 years old. Currently I live in Connecticut, USA. I found this site through my best friend who wanted me to get onto the server. Of course, I really only started to play minecraft because of him, and now a lot of my friends (and my boyfriend) plays with us and we always have so much fun! I don't think I have a favorite mod, only really because I haven't used very many mods just yet. I love art in my free time and pursing a teaching degree. I also love playing video games other than minecraft, most JRPGS though.

  • Good afternoon nepurururu

    Who is your boyfriend and/or best friend on the server? We tend to weight apps more heavily if they know folks on the server, so if your friends apply in the future make sure they mention they know you.

    Any idea what modpack you might be playing?

    Either way, I have whitelisted you, welcome to the server.

  • I am her best friend Mr_NEAT (changed name from cecorxp) They are trying to play FTB Academy with me, also This_Guy_Tom is a mutual friend of both of us.

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