• Applying for the first time.
    Was given a link to this site from a friend who's currently using this service.
    Age: 24
    Country: United States of America

    I casually stream some variety of games on Mixer and I'm also a partner there as well.
    Been playing Minecraft on and off since 2012, lately I've been hopping between Java and Bedrock depending on if I'm going on a realm or if I'm gonna mess around with a mod, my latest mod experience being Minecraft VR.
    Gaming has been a big thing for me all my life and I also really enjoy creating content from old youtube videos to currently livestreaming. Lately, my schedule is back to being fully busy this season with work and college for computer engineering.
    I'm not sure what else I really have to share, I'm that bland of a person.

    And I also like pizza.

  • Hey there This Guy Tom.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the server. We have had a recent influx of antimatter chemistry apps as well as a lot of people on the new academy server, and a few of us still play dim zero. Did you have any idea what pack you were looking at playing?

    Either way great to see your interest and welcome to the group. You have been

  • Awesome!! Thank you for the whitelist!
    My friend, Mr_NEAT [or cecorxp] sent me the link and told me to download the FTB Academy modpack so I had that done before putting in my app.

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