• I'm requesting the release of my second minecraft account.
    I'm starting a gameplay series on youtube and would like to "advance" the gameplay at modded servers without harming the video recordings. New account IGN: MKellerBR0

    --- My other account Apply Request ---
    Age: 37
    Country Brazil
    I found you by Google, looking for a StoneBlock modpack server.
    I played minecraft since 2010, when I bought it for my son, we played together to have fun, because he lives with his mother and could not see him in a row.
    Today he is 17 years old and I got addicted to minecraft, because I like to build and discover things, and minecraft is just that, especially with Modpacks. I also look for new servers to find new friends, even if my English is bad and I like to play a little "alone" in my "works".
    Currently I have had little time to play because I have a 2 year old daughter that I love very much and I like to stay with her.
    I like to play on servers outside Brazil, because nationals are full of hackers, grieffers and too many children, with little education and respect for other players. Things that only disrupt and discourage playing around here.

  • Helper

    First of I'm sorry for the late reply.

    Could you elaborate a bit on your other account? Are you re-applying or applying for the first time? And what was your other account?

  • No problems.

    I am applying for a second minecraft account.
    I already have the MKellerBR account released on all servers, but I'm starting a Youtube Channel, for Braziliam people, where I want to progress the videos using one account, and the other to have a preview of the functionality of modpacks. So I would like to have the second account released on your servers: MKellerBR0 (0 = Zero)

    Grateful for the understanding.

  • Helper

    Ah, well that does clear it up.

    I will however have to disappoint you, we do not allow alt accounts as a rule.
    A possible solution if you really want to change accounts would be to "transfer" the whitelist. If you want this please hit up @Staff on discord. This would definitely require you proofing ownership of both accounts.

  • Sorry to be a rule. In a way this rule ends up punishing honest people because anyone could request an application from another account without stating that it is an alternate account, making the action a more serious irregularity than explicitly requesting how I did it.

    I will only have my main account.

    Even so, thanks for the explanations and opportunity.

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