• Heyo! My name is Thomas and I'm 16. I live in Australia and I found you guys through FTB Academy Public Server list. (Bit of a weird one) Decided to check it out as it seemed like it's really nice here. Currently, I have no bans or any lies about age.

    In terms of Minecraft expertise, I started in 2013 with the Xbox 360 Edition. Stopped playing at about 2016 as I was burned out of playing vanilla. Got back into Minecraft mid-2019 on the PC as I was able to fully enjoy with mods. My favourite mods so far have been Twilight Forest, Astral Sorcery, Tinker's Construct and Thermal Expansion.

    I've recently taken a liking to coding and the more technical side of games (mostly Minecraft). My main hobbies are Gaming, music and analysis of games. My goal here is to meet new people and to (hopefully) break out of my shell just a tad bit.

  • Helper

    Hi LonelyKing, I'm glad you found us.
    FTB Academy is quite a laid back experience with the best of 1.12, hope you enjoy playing it with the community.
    You've been added to the whitelist, you are welcome to join our servers whenever you like.
    Have a nice day!

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