• Age: 21
    Country: Italy
    How I found you: i was searching a server for Antimatter Chemistry mod
    Stories about me: I am an introverted boy who loves play videogames and football, my favourite things to do in game is build or fight (depends from the game...), another thing that i love to do but in real life is playing football, i play for an important society of our living zone and i'm happy to play for them. I joined Minecraft under pressure of my friends (lol) who tell me to buy it and play it whit them, and from that moment i never left Minecraft and I'm happy about this decision because for me, Minecraft is the most beautiful game on earth, but at the moment i don't have any favourite Mod to play, i like all off them.

  • Helper

    hey Ben, I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist. I hope to see you around

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