• Hi.
    Im 25 years old.
    My current country is Russia.
    I found your community through google searching and i haven't got any history of bans cuz I have no bans, at least in Minecraft.
    I got into Minecraft several years ago so I don't remember what exactly version it was, maybe 1.4.7 or earlier.
    Nowdays i prefer playing only on modded multiplayer servers. I like to trade with people in game or help them telling about the specific mod if they are really need to.
    Here is the list of my favorite mods:
    forestry, industrial craft 2, AE2, thaumcraft, botania, thermal expansion, ender io, mo's creatures and others magic-tech mods adding new dimensions, mobs, quests, challenges and other cool stuff.
    I have no real life because Im poor and unhealthy so I spent huge amount of time for surviving. Playing video games like Minecraft and the others just keeps my mind not to ruin absolutely and it also helps me to be calm. Another part of my virtual existence is coding and 3D-modelling. I can make low-quality mods if i have an enthusiasm and a good reason to develop it. The last time i've made a mod for 1.12.2 version that adds some simple low-poly 3D-tools and several decorative blocks like barrels.

  • Helper

    Thank you for your interest in our community. I have gone ahead and whitelisted you. Have fun and enjoy!

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