• Hello, my name is Amber_Raine, a 45 year old business owner from Canada. I have enjoyed spending time playing minecraft since its alpha days and have fallen more in love with it over the past 5 years when I was introduced to modpacks. Minechem used to be one of my favorite mods which was made even stronger when Parcel31u combined it with his material energy modpacks... having found this one I knew I had to jump in and finding the server made it even better as I love playing with others and discussing things that can be done, answering/asking questions, and just socializing as I play. I hope to see you all in world. Thank you.

  • I've gone right ahead and added you to our whitelist.

    Welcome to Stonebound, and have a nice weekend. 😃

  • Thank you very kindly, I look forward to seeing you in world.

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