• Hello, my name is Brendan.

    I am a 19 year old male from the United Kingdom and have been playing Minecraft since about before 1.7, my brother stole my original account a few years ago then he gave me one which was taken back from the original owner about a week or so ago, so I was forced to buy Minecraft again.
    I got into Minecraft because there was not many games for me to play way back when and I thought it was a cool game.
    My favourite mods are Thaumcraft, Mekanism, Draconic Evolution and Flux Networks.
    Things I like to do in-game are do my best in making things look good however I am not the best builder so that's a built of a struggle.
    My hobbies/interests are watching anime which I have watched a lot of and struggle to find more to watch because of genres and such I enjoy.
    I would say I'm a nice person who's generally easy to get along with and will try to help people if they need anything.
    Thank you for reading this application and hope to hear from you soon.

    Brendan - Brxndxn

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    Hello Brendan,

    The situation with your Minecraft account(s) is quite unusual, would you mind elaborating a bit?

  • @Prusias I have a new Minecraft account that I had to buy even though I didn't really have that money to spend on a new account but the account I had before was taken back from the original owner so I lost all I did on it and over £100 in purchased goods on several different servers.

    My brother took the original account I had because I couldn't play Minecraft years ago.

    Hope that clarifies.

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    Hey, Thanks for elaborating. It sucks to hear you lost a bunch of stuff on other servers.

    I can't exactly condone using other peoples accounts but seeing as that is now in the past. I think we should be good to go ahead and whitelist you :). You certainly don't have to worry about loosing your investments here as we don't provide any benefits/advantages for donations aside from a few visual effects.

    I hope you have a nice time with us and I'd like to see you around!

  • @Prusias My brother won the account or whatever through an art thing a few years ago so it was technically my account, well that was my assumption as he won a few accounts but it seems the person he got them from just took it back. Doesn't really matter now though, got a new account and stuff.

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