• Hello dear Friend!
    My name is Filip Mach I'm a male adult being 19 years old and i live in the Czech Republic directly in the main city Prague. I'm quite a chill rather joking kind of person and think rather positively even if stuff goes down, thou I've my limits and of course try to hold myself back being mean to others.
    If you wanna know how i found this server then it was just by random searching for some servers on the Antimatter Chemistry modpack that i just recently found out to exist and thought it would be fun. I never mean no harm or try not to mean it and am quite a decent human being, thou in the past being the young fiddling boy i was somewhat experimenting with what even cheats were but i swear to you all that i never used a cheat since i grew into a more responsible person and try to be quite fair and fateful.
    My favorite and first ever modpack was always SkyFactory series (exluding SF4) as i grew attached to playing SkyBlock after i found Minecraft was a thing and yes, as most of us i was just a vanilla pleb but i found SF to be the modpack just for me.
    As you can notice my English is quite decent even if it's not the best out there, but that's mainly cause i was interested in it since my first encounter to it and stuck with it since and find it quite necessary in this world we all live in.
    Well anyway the last thing I'm gonna say is that i honestly don't mind listening to the mods and follow rules obviously, but if it gets unreasonable I'd rather hear the reason on what I did or what's the issue, I'm a very verbal person so I've no issue even taking it to a next level and talking to you directly on Discord/TS3 or any other app that allows you to talk.
    I hope I don't bore you or make you feel tired by reading this long paragraph and if you would like to more info about me just contact me on my email or directly on my discord, I wish you a nice day!

  • Helper

    Hi Filip, and thank you for your application!
    You've been added to the whitelist, I apologize that we couldn't get back to you sooner.
    You won't have to prepare yourself for hot arguments- we're all very laid back here. Thanks to the whitelist we can trust our members.
    Anyway, welcome to the crew and have fun on the server!~

  • Thank you very much for adding me in the whitelist group! also what do you think of the raid that's possibly gonna happen today? you know the area 51 thing

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