• Age: 18
    Current country: United States

    How I found your community was searching for a Antimatter Chemistry server not very entertaining but so be it. I have never been banned in any server i have ever played. I also have never lied about my age because why would I? Got nothing to gain from lying. I got into minecraft simply because my brother played it and I always wanted to be better then him at something. My current favorite modpack would have to be Project Ozone 3 on hardest difficulty. Honestly my worst subject has to be English. I am horrible at writing applications like this. My absolute favorite thing to do is coding. A second favorite would have to be fixing computers hardware and setting up new computers for people in my family and friendly folk. Well this is me, hope you like it.

  • Helper

    Hi Noah, and thanks for applying to our community.
    You've been added to the whitelist, apologies for the wait.
    Coding can be fun indeed, do you plan on pursuing a career in that field? Making forge mods is also quite a fun excercise. 😃
    Anyway, I hope you have fun on Stonebound, see you soon!

  • Actually i might try to find a career in the coding field. I look forward to chatting further in discord or in-game. Discord name: GeekGaming

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