• Hi, I'm Ondřej(Andrew) from Czech Republic. I'm 17yo.
    I searched for "Antimatter Chemistry server" so I found you.
    I'm playing minecraft for 8 years (since beta1.7.3 came out) and I've never been banned. I've lied about my age few times as I was younger than 15.
    My favorite mods are AE2(and all its addons), Minechem, BuildCraft and my favorite modpack is Galactic Science.
    I study Electrotechnics on highschool.
    My hobbies are Electronics, gym and playing games(as expected).
    I've never been on any whitelisted server with application system like this but from my point of view it seems like a really effective way to make server community playing work as was intended, so I would appreciate to join your server.
    Excuse me for grammer mistakes.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Helper

    Greetings Ondřej, and thank you for your interest.
    I've gone right ahead and added you to our whitelist. I'm terribly sorry that we couldn't get back to you sooner.
    And indeed, the whitelist is a fantastic way to trust our members better. We do not have to deal with most of the annoying parts of running a public server (Restrictions, World Protection, Spam, etc..).
    I hope you enjoy playing on Stonebound, have a good day!

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