• Hi I'm a 20 year old gamer, been playing Minecraft since 6th grade. Stopped for a while but now my old friend asked me to get back into it and is a member of your server. My favorite mod is no longer supported but finite liquids had so many fun aspects like building dams and in unison with build craft was a hella good time. I'm interested in getting into the server to play and see how the games changed. Some of the packs I have played would be YogsBox, Technic, Tekkit, Unleashed and Pokecraft. Most my time was spent building factions and groups with my friend, a lot of the time we would build a company called Fuzzy Co. with us as staff for the company. Most of the projects involved our friend Rex who did a lot of computer craft programming. Fuzzy mainly taught me about Blood craft and tinkers con struct while Rex taught me Lua to do basic remote control and door password systems. For hobby's I do rock climbing. Came out as trans like 2 years ago kinda a personal thing but usually a good thing to mention. Always open to questions and making friends, bud sadly writing has never been a strong suit.

  • Helper

    Hello Bella.

    Those modpack's are ancient compared to the current packs. You'll definitely have alot of things to learn. And Stonebound is a great place to do so!
    As such, I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist. I hope you have a nice time with us!

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