• Hello everyone! I'm Mochi, and I'm a 22 years old student from Italy. I've been playing Minecraft on and off since 2010. I've been a Vanilla player for ages, until I've tried the Tekkit pack for the first time many years ago and I felt in love with it. My all-time-favorite mod is Equivalent Exchange 2, but if I had to choose a more recent one, I'd go for Thermal Expansion (if you've been playing for a while, you know that having to think only about Redstone Flux as a power resource is a godsend). I spend most of my time studying :c, but I love anything tech related (with a soft spot for coding, even though I don't really have time to practice anymore), reading sci-fi and fantasy books, playing TTRPGs with my friends (I'm the forever-GM-guy of my group), working out in the gym and cooking. I'm close to getting my Aikido blue belt, too!

    As for bans etc.: I've only played on not-listed (is that even a term?) servers in the past and the amount of griefing and the overall chaos levels disappointed me and I just quit playing MP for years. I've never been banned before, but honestly I've played on 2, maybe 3 servers total. As for my age, I can prove I'm 22 if needed; just PM me. I've found out about Stonebound looking for a whitelisted modded server on Google. I'm looking for a mature and stable environment to play in, where I don't have to worry about kids running around setting things on fire and blowing up machinery just for the sake of it. I've had my fair share of it already in the past.

    I hope to hear from you soon!

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  • Helper

    Hello Mochi,

    First off, my excuses for the delay in reviewing your application.
    Good news though! I think you would be a great fit within our community and as such, I have gone ahead and added you to our whitelist.

    I hope to see you around (when you aren't busy becoming a doctor ;p)

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