• Hello, I am Haejeog (of course not my real name). I am currently 18 and currently working in the US Army. I used to play minecraft when I was younger and got back into it when I saw bunch of the people I work with also playing. I enjoy adventure and cooking. Ingame I like to go dungeoning and aligning with different villages. My favorite modpack is "Life in the Village" where you can dungeon and (Conquer the World) interact with much more interactive villages. I found this website mainly through looking around on google for a server that has the Life in the Village modpack. I am very excited to get to play with some of you and hope to see you all ingame.

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    We spoke on discord a tiny bit and I have gone ahead and looked at your application.
    I think you'll fit in with us just fine, welcome to Stonebound!

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