• Age: 35
    Country: Southwest USA
    Found: one of my IRL friends is a mod here, Benedict, he suggested i play here now that i am done playing solo
    I have no bans, and I've never lied about my age, though I've never needed to.

    I am returning to Minecraft after a couple years away, the last time i was active was before the 1.0 release. Most of my personal interest in Minecraft is just digging, i find it to be really relaxing to come home from work and just get stuck into a hole and then sort out all of the stuff. I really like to see and explore all of the massive buildings and machines you can create, but I would rather supply the materials and help with building rather than planning out everything myself.

    utside of Minecraft, i'm a pretty huge nerd, you can blaim my childhood friend Clane for starting this, having invited me to his 10th birthday party and having me play D&D for the first time. Since then i've explored a lot of different aspects of Nerd Culture, mostly in the TTRPG and gaming arenas, though I am also a huge Tokusatsu fan (i love Sentai more than a 35 year old should probably admit). I was also a pretty big comic fan back in the day, but other than IDW's TMNT and some stuff coming out of Valiant i don't read much modern stuff. And even the MCU is kinda loosing its interest for me, though i do still enjoy talking about it.

  • Helper

    Hi Talsine,

    I've had a look at your application, (and sniped it before Benedict could haha). and I'm glad to welcome you to the Stonebound community 🙂

  • Thanks! Probably won't be on till Saturday, pulling five 10s this week and it's brutal. Looking forward playing with everyone

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