• Hello Stonebound Community,

    my Name is BlackDommReaper or also called lplptfan1[LpLptfan1]. I am currently at the time of the Posting 18 years old and was born in 29th of August 2000.

    I have known minecraft since its InDev Phase back in 2009. I had begun playing it in 2010/2011 with the update 1.2.6 after i found out how to crack the game. with 1.6.4 and the change of the minecraft launcher i purchased me an Minecraft account back then for only 15€.
    The first Modpack i had played was Tekkit back in 1.2.6. or so (i cant clearly remember when exactly i had begun playing it). Since then i played a lot of vanilla or modded minecraft.

    I am a great self proclaimed "Tinker-Fanatic" and love to work with many Tech-mods like Thermal, Mekanism, EnderIO, Industrial Foregoing, ImmersiveEngineering, ImmersiveRailroading, Cyclic and with Architecture mods like Chisel&Bits, Chisel and ArchitectureCraft/Carpenters Blocks.

    My current most favourite modpacks are Antimatter Chemistry and Stoneblock (both the first iteration and the FTB version).

    About me as a Person i could write alot but i cut it short: coming from Germany, cannot play Solo for too long since it just gets boring for me rather quickly, love to support people once i reach mid tier or have some automated farms, i am rather active, ask alot (or you could say talk alot especially if i have "nothing" to do), i share often my knowledge of certain mods i love to play and i used to be builders on smaller networks when i had time for it.

    I found this Network via searching for any other Antimatter Chemistry servers because i kindoff wanted to search for other Servers until my main networks on which i originally mostly play on does setup an Antimatter Chemistry server.

    With this i wanted to end my introduction about myself and hope that i get Applied on the Stonebound Network.

  • Helper


    First off I'd like to apologize for the delay in reviewing your application. But I have gone ahead and checked it now
    and I would like to welcome you to Stonebound!

    Also, Happy birthday!

  • Thank you

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